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Are you in need of assistance?

During this Covid-19 Pandemic, if you are in need of assistance of any kind please visit our RESOURCES page. We will keep it as up to date as we can. On this page you will find local organizations that can help you with finances or any situation you may find yourself. We will also attempt to include grocery stores and restaurants that you can get food from. Check it out by following this LINK.
How to Access the Live-stream for Worship on Sunday, April 5, 2020
Here is a reminder of the instructions:If you follow us on Facebook, you will be able to watch our worship service online there. Here is the link to our Facebook page: Facebook Page Link. You can watch the service through a computer or your smart phone on or the Facebook app. Watching through Facebook will allow you to comment while the service is happening and talk through text with other church members who are watching the service.

You can also find the video on YouTube. If you have a smartphone, Iphone or Android, you can download the YouTube app from the app store or visit You can also watch on your TV if you have a Roku device, Fire Stick, or Smart TV by downloading the YouTube app and searching for “Akron Church of the Brethren.”This information will be on our website. If you need help with any of this technology, please reach out to Pastor Chris ( or (717)715-6861).


How to Receive our Daily Newsletter

If you are looking for something to uplift your spirits and provide some nurturing growth for you and your family during this challenging time, please subscribe to our Daily Newsletter provided by our Pastors. Please email to be included.

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